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Pictures from Finnmark 2

The Northernmost part of Norway



 The wide Tana Valley in Finnmark has birch forests and pine forests. And there are a lot of sheepfarms on both sides of the Tana River in the background of this picture. The Tana River is the best salmon river in Norway. 



 Tana River in Finnmark is the border between Northern Norway and Finland. This photo is taken from the Finish side of the river. In 1993 this bridge between Norway and Finland was opened. Further east is the Pasvik Valley and the Pasvik River, near the border of Russia, where we can find one of Norways most beautiful National Parks with lots of brown bears.

Finnmarksvidda filled with greyish lichen for the reindeers. There are vast areas with this lichen in Finnmark. Here the Sami-people has been herding their reindeers for thousands of years. In 1894 and 1898 a group of Samis - or Laplanders as they were called then - were invited to Alaska by the American Government to teach the inuits the secrets of reindeerherding.

Great amounts of the tastefull cloudberry is found in Finnmark. Used for centuries by the Sami, the cloudberry is now very important for every inhabitant in Finnmark. Rich in C-vitamines it makes a wonderful jam for your bread, fill for your birthday cake or your ice cream. They even make youghurt with this tasty red-orange cloudberry which grows on the vast marshlands of Finnmark.


 Adamsfjordfossen, The Adam Fjord Falls, in West-Finnmark is pouring its clear water into the Adamsfjord, a sidearm to one of the several long fjords in Finnmark, Laksefjord (The Salmon Fjord). To the left you can see the terasses chaped by the ocean for thousands of years as it retreated after the Ice Age in Scandinavia!


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