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Pictures from Finnmark 3

The Northernmost part of Norway


Båtsfjord in East-Finnmark is one of the biggest harbours for fisheries in Norway. In the old days there were a lot of trees in Båtsfjord, especially on the peninsula behind the two boys. Due to cold winters and massiv wood-chopping, the forrest has disappeared. The fishing industry is the most important industry in this part of Finnmark. Value of export: 500-600 million kroner per anno. Here you can find remains from the stoneage settlements, too. 3000 inhabitants.



 A nice waterfall in one of the side valleys to the Båtsfjord Valley. There is a lot of lakes in the mountains around Båtsfjord where you can fish trout etc. In one of the neighbor valleys, Syltefjorddalen, the people from Båtsfjord has built a lot of cabins. This valley differs from the Båtsfjord Valley because there is a lot of trees along the Syltefjord River (see picture below) 

The Syltefjord Valley with the Syltefjord River in East Finnmark. Here the people from Båtsfjord has their cabins. As you can see there is a lot of threes along the river. This valley is going eastward letting the river empty itself in the Barents Sea. It's a parallell valley to the Båtsfjord Valley.

The Stauran Cafe in Syltefjord is built of Russian timber which has floated into the fjord from the Barents Sea. There are no people living permanently in Syltefjord these days. The little village is usually visited by a great number of tourists during the summers. 



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