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Pictures from Finnmark 4

The Northernmost part of Norway


Karasjok is situated near the Finnish and the Sweedish boarder close to the Finnmarksvidda. The river Karasjokka in the background bending like a snake through the landscape. As you can see, there is a lot of mosquitos in Finnmark during the summer (Henry's mosquito hat)



Masi, or Maze in Saami, is a little Saami village between Alta and Kautokeino. This village was close to extinction when the Norwegian government wanted to make a big dam planning to drown the whole area under great amounts of water. Big protests all over the country stopped the deed.


Kautokeino, a Saami community on the vast Finnmarksvidda not far from the Sweedish and Finnish boarder. Looking east.

Kautokeino, looking north.



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