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Pictures from Finnmark 1

The Northernmost part of Norway

Alta Museum - European Museum of the Year 1993. Alta (the name derived from the old Alptafjordr, meaning Fjord of the Swans) in the county of Finnmark is also known for the salmon river Alta-elven. Alta has big pine-forests - the trees are getting really tall here. Alta is also known for the its famous slate.

Here in Jiebmaluokta (Samii for The Bay of Seals) you can watch the biggest rockcarving area in Northern Europe. Here is the first settlement in Norway: 9000 BC. The stoneagepeople made the rockcarvings. Alta Museum in the background

Part of the rockcarvings from Jiebmaluokta. There are two big areas with these carvings on each side of the bay. You can see carvings of reinddeers, elk (moose), whales, bears, goose, people working with reindeers, hallibuts etc.



Drawing of the stoneagepeople who lived in this area for in 9000 BC. They had skinboats made of sealskin. They were hunters and fishers and later on they became reindeerherders.

(Ill.: Dag Ove Johansen)

View from the Komsa Mountain in Alta, near the rockcarving area. Elvebakken, part of Alta, with airport, in the background. Alta consists of three parts: Bossekop, Alta City (!) and Elvebakken. One can really wonder why they have called the midpart Alta City!

 This is a picture of Bork and Mirre, made by the webmaster himself, Dag Ove Johansen, to his trilogy about the Komsa-people who lived in this area for about 11 000 years ago. The three novels were published in 1991-1993. The titles were:

"The White Sleep", "Shadow of the Sea Eagle" and "Wings of the Northern Light".

The books are only available in Norwegian….

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